Technological respect

How do we make safe technology in today’s world of cyber crime?

How do we teach our children to respect technology when it makes revenge easier to take?

How long until cyber crimes don’t leave us in a state of painful strain?

  • We do more online today than we did at the dawn of the internet and computer.
  • Yes that ages me because I was alive for those.
  • Nameless victims and identity crushing thieves.
  • What can we really do to prevent the crash of humanity over the crimes committed with technical advances?

Call to action: if your children have their own personal device, have a talk with them about appropriates use of it.  I had a friend who found bomb making schematics on the internet.  He was considering blowing up our school, the one that killed my husband.  Stop the hate or revenge being planned by technological experts who are simply bored or in pain.

About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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