Mind games jealous women play

Is the threat real or a blown up personal insecurity?

Have you ever asked yourself can good love relationships fail? Does he actually have a history of infidelity or are the rumors of it getting you down? Does it really matter when the inevitable brash intruder challenges you by thinking I can take her place and he will let me? How convinced are you that your personal connection to your significant other is a sound one?

  • With a growing number of stalking and sexual crimes on the rise, how can we  prevent criminal intrusion from happening to us as a solid romantic couple?  If the problem isn’t about us, but the possible that we could look foolish that causes us to react to the mind games of crazy fans, why does it bother us so much that we ruminate on the idea that we could lose.  The greater your public persona, the increased attentiveness of the community that could burn you and try to reclaim your status as theirs. The greatest challenge to the preservation of true love is how effectively you discuss fears, concerns and solutions of reassuring promises that worst is over and not a real challenge for us. Dealing with the undesired impact of the inevitable intruder on our relationship is not about your mate but your insecurity about the strength of your relationship of love. Where there is room for doubt, rumors, suggestions, and crushes flourish and can reek havoc on your thoughts. Defensive people think and say stupid things because anger means something has happened already and anxiety means it hasn’t yet.   Anger means there is a history where this connection has done this to you before but anxiety means you are afraid it could happen again.  anger and anxiety play a big role in the number of revenge plotting schemes designed to restrict what is a believed threat.  Effective conflict management begins when we effectively communicate our insecurities to a reassuring significant other and a genuinely supportive personal friend.  A competitor revels in your insecurity  and tries to turn you against your chosen significant other by exasperating your belief that this idea can become a reality because it is truly possible. 

Until you ask yourself these questions, your insecurities will challenge the power of your love life to thrive and last. 

  1. Is it possible I could be replaced?
  2. Would he really choosing her over me right now?
  3. Is this a product of her mind, mine or his?
  4. Is she triggering a present insecurity or a previous one?
  5. Is this really a threat or a mind game designed to incite vengeful behavioral responses?

Is there a real problem or just an implied one

by the jealous suitor he overlooked to chose you as a mate?

About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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