thwarting identity threats

One of our most connected allies was the target of a Russian named transgendered Igor who pretended to be my husband because he was well connected around the world for the father of lies.  When he couldn’t break into my storage unit anymore, he killed his lover when we thwarted his attempt to steal personal information to pass it on to a psychotic serial killer that didn’t have connection in our building but managed to get through the security doors anyway.  I moved after cutting all ties this murderous Russian that sent Carol Ann Peterson after Pat Krebs who sometimes seems like a seven pound weakling when it comes to prosecuting her for rape.  Pat called the CA psychics and got himself connected to a guy with such darkness that even his coworkers wondered how he could get that job. Carol Ann Peterson, a lawyer, already tried to create unenforceable illegal precedence in the court system of  Wisconsin that my counselors never enforced. Because of her previous actions as a teen, my long-term and short-term memory was compromised as a complication to PTSD. In 1998, I was attending classes I wasn’t taking and my husband’s official murderer is a member of my graduating class.  He committed a crime to find out where my parents live and my classmate still put him on the five year reunion list.  I cannot go to a reunion for that graduation class because if I do, I probably won’t live through it but face it, this is only 20% of what’s impacting my health spiritually.  If the purpose of drowning my spouse was to break what was left of my sanity so they could get away with it,  then the Russian was on their payroll and even as a phantom he is still popping out of hell to put me in crisis every three months. I don’t have a boyfriend or spouse named Igor and he shouldn’t have been allowed to check my bank account illegally. Much less find me when I went into hiding at my current location. Alive or dead, he is still stalking me but regardless of how many times I scream, only 25% of the fans that wrote Paul in Portugal were accurate rather than just lying gossips.  I guess that means that 75% of my fan base doesn’t know me well enough to be accurate and the other 25% are my current social system.

  • My husband made a great point a few days ago – “save the ones you can and forget the rest because the rest don’t want your mercy or compassion anyway. “

Call to action:

It is hard to fight a social war that is familial for your friends and social for you.  Family wasn’t my problem, most of my friends were.  The Pope just wrote a book called the Name of God is Mercy where he points out that offering too much mercy for corruption is a matter of the mind rather than the heart. You cannot sacrifice your spouse to show mercy to his killers because they are the ones who martyred him not you.  And we all know what the martyrs in the Biblical Book of Revelations did.


About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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