freedom of speech or taunting verbal abuses

The impact of prejudice has always been the same: low self-esteem, hateful view of self, and inability to show respect for others. If the religious premise of “love one another as you love yourself” matters, then how one treats themselves is the construct for loving others. Hate speech denigrate the misunderstood, leaving the victim voiceless against a loud mouth jerk that hates himself because of how he treats others.  Imagine two people the same age having different views when they come together for the sake of true love. 2  different family are drawn together – merged through the act of marriage and they ask others to be respectful of their love.  I cannot go to class reunions because my husband was in a different grade and my peers tortured my husband for being faithful to our marriage.  A natural missions-oriented man marries a wise compassionate selfless woman and the church changed because regression is part of PTSD. The wise woman was blamed for the attackers of her mate who was also her protector from people like that.

  1. freedom of speech or verbal shaming
  2. verbal abuse or bruised ego
  3. bruised ego or broken body
  4. broken body or cause of PTSD
  5. freedom of speech or denigration of others
  6. inflicting verbal wounds or defense mechanism against such things

There are four key bible verses about demonstrating love for others

  • love one another as you love yourself  (assumes you love yourself)
  • love one another as I have loved you (assumes Jesus loved us well)
  • do unto others how you would like them to do unto you (assumes we would like to be treated differently)
  • I love because someone first loved me (we learn to love by being loved)

Dramatic Anger isn’t physical in nature; Loud angry words are signs of trouble brewing; failing to recognize the impact of frustration against the constructs of a leader is not staged; and sometimes evil words cannot be avoided.  Is it a protective instinct or freedom of speech without provocation that we are asked to consider? A defense is designed to drive the threat or perceived threat away but an act of prejudicial denigration without cause is just being mean.

call to action: look up the words prejudice, denigration, defense, broken, and wounds; tweet a short definition of what experiencing painful love is like.  Freedom of speech also allows to the need to protect ourselves from attacks on our best selves.



About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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