senseless murder of a Catholic Leader

Three religions are called the people of the book: Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Christians are the rope in the tug of war between the other two asking for unity among religious groups which celebrate the optimism of an inclusive God.  Recently it has been brought to my attention that a catholic priest was killed by Muslim Extremists over his inclusion of Islamic people in a catholic church setting without prejudice. It seems the price for unity is death. How do we change extreme behaviors falsely interpreting religion from a prejudice point of view designed to alienate and separate religions brought together for the worship of God.  Extremism in any form can cause serious damage by inciting riots and mass murder in the name of hatred not God. These extremists kill our visionaries and call it justice. God unites, not divides people!  Some people will always rebel against Him but those who don’t – are often targeted by those who do.

Call to action: Post your results by email or blog to your people, mail them to the white house or call a presidential candidate of your choice (in order to get the message out that murder is not religion).

  1. Write a message about infighting among Islamic believers
  2. Find the sword of truth as a biblical passage or religious construct
  3. Research the religious alliance formally known as the “People of the Book”
  4. Repost a message from the Pope on your timeline as a show of support for religious leaders who promote God in our Churches.


About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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