The agressive reaction of a protective spouse

I found out around new years 2016 – that my husband was holding back his emotion. He his head in his folded arms and mumbled about what was bringing on social exhausting as well as what makes him an aggressive protector of me as his wife.  His secret could turn any loving wife a whiter shade of pale.  I have PTSD and though we are both dealing with trauma, he doesn’t. His key issues resulting from a best friend’s betrayal are aggression, self-esteem, anger, and tension.  This side of him is the one he used to exercise daily by playing sports. This person has a 40-70% abuse ratio or a cyclic abusive tendencies and my husband’s greatest concern is that my death could stop our story from being told in any manner or format at all.

We are taking back our marriage in an effort to take back our health.

  • Healing our issues requires a team effort of trustworthy connections because a sadistic masochist has already given up on destroying us and fled the country to France in search of a married man who she claims is part of her plan for taking back her life.
  • Our biggest assets in this journey are acceptance, perspective, unification, and committed love. My man is not aware of how strong he is and he is scared of the worst patterns of abuse which are impacting his reactions to trauma prevention.

Call to action:  Healing is a team effort through the  choice to make genuine efforts resulting in a sense of understanding,  and a connected support system.

  • Let’s all say a prayer for the continued success of the healing process. We cannot go back to the unfair circumstances we used to accept as normal. We also cannot overlook the positive impact of our people’s contribution to how improved life is becoming but making real changes involves a group effort not just our own.



About calls to action

This blog was set up as proof of the personal spiritual nature of my marriage and foundational couple beliefs. It is in no way connected to the nonprofit that follow the beginnings of this page. My calls to action are designed to clarify my husband's ministry focuses as a humanitarian.
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